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  • all [of us] dream: but not equally. those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous [people], for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. – t.e. lawrence

the game is (crowd-sourced) world domination. we aren't titans of industry or powerful angel investors, we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. cyberpunks and pirates. chaotic spectres hauting cyberspace. engineers, artists, hackers. we are digital freedom fighters. our goal is to apply our skills to create new, cheaper ways for people to work and play together. we are working to develop decentralized manufacturing techniques, tools for exploratory peer-to-peer application development, and promote profitable applications of these technologies.


create a completely decentralized libre hardware and software platform that is focused on privacy, ease of use, and hackability. these devices should be as simple as possible. somebody with basic electronics skills should be able to assemble anything in our product line without any trouble.

let's decentralize manufacturing

  • 友 (tomo) means friend. a trusty bit of software + hardware made to watch your back online.

is a simple line of diycore devices. hardware you can trust because you assembled it yourself. we put all of the control in your capable hands. the plans and specs are all available on git-ssb. these are currently a work in progress, but the goal is to allow anyone, anywhere to setup an microfactory and start producing high quality mobile devices at a very low cost.

meet 友/os


building on the amazing work of the postmarketos team, we bring you a sexy little mobile os with heropunch branding. all standard linux; hardened for your pleasure. postmarketos is tiny, leaving plenty of space for the data you are actually interested in storing your device.

early versions of this project are already under development, and the os image clocks in at less than 1gb. we haven't even started to optimize for space yet. the goal is to have the entire operating system weigh less than the social media app that is listening to you from your pocket at this very moment.



relax and make some cool p2p apps. this unique zero infrastructure architecture lets you focus on the important bits: features, ux, &c. and forget about scaling. it just works, probably. the "peer-to-peer application space" is very focused on protocols, which is a useful endeavor. however, this focus on protocols and standardization doesn't serve the needs of application developers.

relax is an implementation of familiar patterns using novel technology. we take inspiration from BeOS and modern web application libraries.


p2p job scheduler



SSB-compatible database with a datalog query engine



native functional reactive ui toolkit for elixir

freedom garden


exclusive apps licensed GPL that explore the possibilities of our new peer-to-peer application platform. we try to embrace experimentation: if you have an idea, run with it! you don't have to be a techie either. we need art, blog posts, social media outreach, q/a, we need organizers and your input. what crazy ideas do you have? let's share some inspiration and make something cool.

toxic jungle


now that we've had some fun playing in the garden, its time to take our abilities and put them to the test.

once we have our feet on the ground, the real work can begin. we need to make open hardware specs that we can hack on in software (to keep iterations cheap) and then send to a fab in a group buy to take advantage of economies of scale. there are a few projects in this space already: RISC-V and MIAOW, for example, but in order to be competitive we need to synthesize a complete and modern mobile hardware platform that can replace the rpi3 and peripherals inside cybredeck and nomad.




so, you in? pick a project!

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